Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project: Scrabble bracelets

Hmmm...  What a busy week.  I feel like I say that every week (because I do!), but it seems like just about every spare minute is scheduled for something or another.  Along with Bob's church service comes many meetings and events.  One such event is a Stake Laurel Retreat (for girls 16 and 17) this weekend.  Bob has to go both Thursday and Friday evening, and I'll be accompanying him on Thursday.  He will be meeting with each of the girls from our ward, and wanted to give them something to remember the weekend by.  Since he'll be talking to them about how their lights shine as an example to others, we came up with a bracelet with the word "Shine" on it.

We had some of the Scrabble tiles already, but who knew that each box only comes with two of the letter "H"?  We ended up buying four more Scrabble games (had to have an extra so I still can spell out my festive sayings at Christmas times).  We bought the square jump rings and jewelry supplies at JoAnn.  Then, Bob drilled the tiny holes and we put the bracelets together on Monday night while watching The Voice with Lindsay and Ryan.  Everything came together really quickly.  Put a cute bookmark with some scriptures about shining, and there you have it!  I think the girls will like them!

Today we're having the carpets cleaned in the hallway upstairs and in Lindsay's old bedroom.  I just finished repainting it a pale plum, and once the carpet is done and dry, we'll be able to put the new bed in. Then I will get to work refinishing some old furniture to go in the room.  I still need to find bedding for the bed, but I think I'll wait until I have the bed set up... maybe something will speak to me at that point!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time of Our Lives

Today marks the first post on our blog.  The name comes from a conversation that I had with my mom many years ago.  She told me that the best time of her life was always the one in which she was living. Bob and I have adopted that sentiment and truly love whatever phase of life we are currently in.  ...And it is true, the best time of our lives is today!

The Time of Our Lives will serve as a place to record some of our projects, our adventures, and our stories.  We hope to use this as a sort of "history of us".