Monday, September 10, 2012

Wedding Photos - Part 5 - Yard and food

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I have a few more photos to show of the reception details and food. Lindsay chose perfect colors and style for a garden reception. It had such a cottage-y feel, but some really pretty details to "fancy it up". Isn't her dress gorgeous? It was a soft blush color with layers and layers of fabric.

We used our mason jar candle lanterns that we have used for many a reception in our yard. We hung them from the Asian pear trees, and they add just the right amount of glowing light around the yard.

We also had some vintage things that were placed in and around the yard. (It may or may not have been a strategic move on my part to block the kiddies from running all through the gardens.)

See what I mean about the little kiddies in the yard? They are all as cute as can be, but I had another reception the next week, so I needed to keep things looking pretty good!

Bob did a laser engraving of their wedding announcement, and we had that placed on an old chair. It was such a cute announcement, that it was fun to have it displayed in that way for the reception.

We had burlap bows tied on all the chairs in the tent and also around the yard. I found that burlap ribbon was way too expensive for all the chairs we had to tie bows on. So, I used big rolls of burlap tree wrap that I got on for so, so much cheaper! It was a great find, and I know I'll use that burlap tree wrap for more projects down the line.

We had a friend of ours (Kristen) cater the food. She is awesome and did the food for our other daughter's reception. Kristen and her husband used to own a reception center, so they know their stuff! She had the plates and napkins and utensils in this perfect little rack.

This is the drink station... a yummy pink punch and water.

And delicious fruit kabobs! Kristen always has such a great way of displaying food.

Capreze kabobs. Yum!

And delicious croissant sandwiches and also little cucumber bites.

We also had cheeses and crackers. It was all delicious, and we had plenty of extras.

I think I may do one last post with just a couple of people photos so you can see how great the colors worked even with the clothing. Be back soon!

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