Thursday, December 6, 2012

YW in Excellence -- be You tiful

We had our Young Women In Excellence Evening last night. It turned out great. Our Young Women president did a fantastic job!

The theme was "be YOU tiful". To go with the theme, we came up with a canvas art idea. Bob cut out a million wood letters with his amazing laser machine. We glued the letter to blank canvasses so all of them started out exactly the same.

A few weeks ago, for a mutual activity, all of the girls painted their canvas exactly how they wanted to paint it.

I loved their creativity, and seeing their individuality come out in what they were making!

We made sure we had one from each of the young women, and then displayed them last night at the YW in Excellence.

As part of the program, interspersed throughout the evening, we had the girls come up to this frame and say, "I feel beautiful when...", and they would go on to describe when they feel beautiful.

It turned out to be a wonderful evening showcasing the girls and their incredible individual beauty.

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  1. This is awesome would it be possible to get the directions?