Thursday, May 22, 2014

Young Women New Beginnings

Bob and I had the privilege of attending the Young Women New Beginnings program in our ward a couple of months ago. It is always such a great evening, and the Young Women leaders do an incredible job with everything they do. This was definitely no exception. The theme was based on Dr. Seuss's "Oh The Places You'll Go". One of the leaders, Lori (a truly gifted and creative kind of a gal), changed the words to Dr. Seuss's writings, and adapted it to the New Beginnings theme. She did an amazing job...

They also had a display of each of the values, with a Dr. Seuss-ical quote that went along with it. And they made these cute pom flowers in the colors of the values, to go along with them. Perfectly Dr. Seuss-ish!

It was a really great evening. How blessed these young women are to have such wonderful leaders, and to be a part of such an incredible organization. They have the opportunity through things like this New Beginnings program (and all of the other activities and lessons) to continually add layers and strength to their armor. Who wouldn't want that for their daughters? I'm so grateful for the leaders and teachers my daughters had when they were in those teenage years. They both LOVE their Young Women years, and have the fondest feelings and memories of their experiences at that time. So, if you're a Young Women leader, recognize that what you are doing will impact those girls for the rest of their lives. Literally. And thank you for all you do.


  1. Do you have these available to download? I would love to use these for our NB coming up in February. Thanks so much!!

    1. So sorry I don't have them available for download! Wish I did, but someone else put them together.

    2. Do they have them so we could download them????

  2. These are amazing! We are doing this theme for our New Beginings and would love to use these as well