Thursday, May 15, 2014

Activity Days: Article of Faith Frame

One of the things that the girls in Activity Days are supposed to be working on, is the memorization of the Articles of Faith. We have the younger group of girls (8-9 year olds), so we take it somewhat slowly. We try to take some time at least once a month to work on memorization. When pretty much all of the girls have memorized one, we move on to the next.

We decided they needed to have a way to keep the Articles of Faith fresh in their minds. So, we came up with the idea to help them make a frame with a clothespin on it. The frame is simple. We bought frames at WalMart, and then covered the inside cardboard with burlap. Then, we put the frame all back together with the glass in place, fronting the burlap. They hot-glued the clothespin to the frame and then decorated their clothespin with washi tape in whatever way they wanted to. Every time we start on a new Article of Faith, we give them the corresponding card, and they can clothespin it to the frame, and put it out on their dresser where they see it all the time.

They can keep the whole set of cards in the clothespin, with whichever one they are working on, on the top of the set. They love getting the new card, and they've really been working hard on the memorization. We got the Article of Faith download from It's Always Autumn. To see their post and get the free downloads, click here.

It was an easy project for them to make, and it is a fun way to display their Article of Faith. And if their moms get really creative, they can paint the frame in a color to coordinate with their rooms!

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