Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Apple-Pears Are On!

It is definitely that time of year again. The apple-pears are on. And by "on", I mean done. Ready. Kaput. Finished. We've spent several hours picking, and we've declared that job complete.

I mean, we still need to leave a few for the birds over the winter, right? The pickings are pretty slim when everything is covered in snow. They are so happy to see pears here and there among the branches. Some pears just find nooks and crannies to settle in over the winter. A perfect feeding spot for the birds.

This year was not a bumper crop, but we never lose too much sleep over that. There are still plenty of apple-pears to harvest, and we got more than enough this year.

We've been making deliveries to all of the people on our annual list, and I still have plenty to dry. I've been drying a batch every day. It makes the house smell like so yummy... just like fall! To see how I go about drying my apple-pears, click here.

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