Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A New Etsy Store - Grass Roots Home!

I have the best news! My amazing and creative daughters (all four of them) have opened an Etsy store. I'm in on it with them, but I feel like I just sit back and watch as they come up with idea after idea. It is brand spanking new, and has just barely become stocked with the first few items. It will continue to grow and expand as new items are designed and developed, but they have begun with some real stunners! And can I say how much fun it is to see the girls all working on a family business together? For a long time, the men in the family have worked hard together in building up the cable and metal shop, and now it's the girls' turn to work shoulder-to-shoulder to create their own business. So much fun!

You need to go to the store and check it out. It's called Grass Roots Home, and you can get there by clicking here.

The store has some gorgeous metal products, which are made right here in good old Draper, Utah, at our own metal shop! I've highlighted a few of the products below.

We have a couple of different large metal signs with awesome phrases. We've got lots more in the works, too.

These birdhouses are amazing! They're cut, bent and welded in the shop, and then sent out to be powder-coated in this perfect mint color! I've got a few of these in my own backyard. Soooo cute!

I'm already thinking friend gifts with this Joy sign...

And talk about the perfect neighbor gift, or Christmas tree ornament!

The metal is heavy-duty and I love the way it looks. We are so excited about these products and the others that are in the works. We've got a good stock right now, so it's a great time to order for Christmas. I can't believe I'm talking about Christmas gifts (and maybe feeling a little bit panicky about getting my own Christmas shopping done!).

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