Thursday, January 7, 2016

Big Project -- Painting the Main Floor, Part 1

I have been wanting to repaint most of our main floor for several months now, so I made a promise to myself that I'd start as soon as I could after the new year. It's a pretty big project, since there are several rooms that flow into each other. Which means that every one of those rooms needs to be painted if you paint any one of them. I started on one end (the family room), and will move to the kitchen, the stairway, the hallway, the living room, the dining room, and the entry. In that order, hopefully. 

We've had a straw yellow paint color for 17 years now, so I felt it was time for a fresh coat and a fresh look. I chose a light, warm gray. I actually painted my bedroom in that color a few years ago, and I have loved it, so I knew I would love it in these areas too. 

This is the family room after I've taped it off and prepped it for painting. Yellow walls that need freshening!

The first day of painting, I had so many things crammed into the day, that this is all I got done in the two hours that I was able to paint...

The next day (yesterday), I got to it and got a first coat on the whole room before my husband came home from work. We ran out to Taco Bell (this is how we eat when we're doing projects), came back and he helped me run a second coat over everything. Can I just tell you how much faster it is when one person is rolling and the other is cutting in? It goes lickety split.

So... we've got one room down. I haven't put anything back on the shelves yet, but you get the idea. I love this look. I really, really love the gray with the stone and the warm stained wood tones. It still looks yellowish in some places, because of the lighting, but it's a beautiful gray. 

I can't wait to get started in the kitchen. I'll be taping and prepping today. And maybe starting to paint, even. Yay!

When I get a minute, I'll share some of the tools and tricks I've learned along the way. There are some great products out there that help to make things go really smoothly.

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