Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blossoms and Snakes

It is that time of year! I so love spring! The warmth in the air feels so fresh and invigorating. And to see all the little green buds and sprouts poking through everywhere. I love everything about it. Last Saturday, I ran outside quickly to take a few pics of the blossoms before they're gone.

They're everywhere! Layers and layers of them on our old orchard trees. So beautiful!

As I was basking in the beauty, things took a real bad turn. Real. Bad. I mean polar opposite of sweet lovely blossoms. I had my first snake sighting in the yard. I always scoff when people say, "Oh, it's far too early for the snakes to be out yet". Right. This guy was a couple of feet away from where I was standing, and he didn't care a bit that I was there.

I quickly backed away, and sent this text to Bob (who was in the house at the time)...

He came out in a jiffy and dispatched the snake for me. 

At least we're one down for the year. I'm hoping to eradicate, but even as I do, our neighbors continue to make their yard a very snake-friendly yard. I think it may be hopeless.

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