Monday, November 11, 2013

From Halloween to Thanksgiving Decorations

I LOVE this time of year. I love the warm colors of fall decorating. Everything feels so cozy and pleasant!

I make the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving decorating really easily. This year I made a sign that has a Halloween side and a Thanksgiving side.

I started with it on the Halloween side...

And as soon as Halloween was over, I turned it around to the other side...

I still have the same stack of books, old window, and dried fall leaves as a backdrop for the decor.

I've just taken out the Halloween decorations and replaced them with a few Thanksgiving things. Really, on my mantel, the only things that I have up there that are specifically Thanksgiving, are books and the sign.

And because I collect old postcards, I always bring a few out to set in my card holder.

The dining room is pretty simple, too. I had just a few things in it that were truly Halloween, so I put them away, and left the table and sideboard with just fall and Thanksgiving things.

I was roaming through the aisles of the grocery store and saw these rolls of twine for $1.29. I picked two of them up and stuck a couple of candlesticks in them. So easy, inexpensive, and I'll be able to use the twine afterwards for other things. Love it!

And on the back of the chairs, I tied a little sprig of fruit and leaves with a sheer gold ribbon. The sprig was on sale at Joann for 40% off, so they were pretty darn cheap!

I have more Thanksgiving things (pilgrims, turkeys, cornucopias, etc) in my storage room, but I'm liking things just like they are. And besides, I do have one set of pilgrims and Indians out. When you're a grandma, you unabashedly add things like this to your decor.

The grand baby loves it, and I love that there is something within his reach that he can play with to his heart's content!

I think I'll call it "done" for this year. Simplify, Dayna, Simplify. 

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