Friday, January 17, 2014

Baby Shower Game

Since we're just a couple of months away from our second grand-baby making an appearance into the world, we're getting into full baby mode again. The new little one is due on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day!), and we don't know the gender (the suspense is killing me), but we're plunging forward with plans and excited about his/her arrival. I'm thinking it's a boy, but we'll see....

We're working on shower plans as we speak, and it made me think of a fun shower game we played just a couple of months ago.

It's simple to prepare for, and simple to play (the best kind of shower game!), and just takes a few minutes.

First of all, gather as many different kinds of baby items as you can think of. The more, the merrier. Throw some really random baby items in there to make it a little harder. Arrange them all on a tray or a wide, shallow basket so that each item can be seen.

Using card stock of your choice, cut a sheet for each of your guests. You can pre-print numbers for each item, or just leave them blank. 

At the shower, you'll walk slowly past each guest with the tray of items, and let them view it. And then place the tray out of sight from everyone. Then, pass out the papers and pens, and at your signal, let everyone write as many items as they can think of. You can tell them how many items you have, or you can just let them try to figure it out and remember as many as they can.  

Give them a certain amount of time to write as many of the items as they can (maybe three minutes or so), and then bring the tray back in and show the items one at a time. The guest who has the most correct items wins. And if they have written down items that aren't on the tray, they have to subtract points. That alleviates those smarty-pants who just randomly write down every baby item they can think of, even if they don't remember what's on the tray!

The prize could be something like a baby bottle filled with jelly-bellies or something along those lines. It's a fun game, and variations can be played for bridal showers with homemaking kinds of items.

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