Friday, January 10, 2014

Cleaning Hard-Water Stains on Glass

Our shower has a clear glass wall, which I love, but it does require a little upkeep. We squeegee it dry after every shower. No big deal. It takes about a minute. But somehow the shower head must drip a couple of times afterwards, or the squeegee-ing isn't getting done as thorough down at the bottom of the glass wall, or some such thing, because we were getting cloudy glass. It was down on the lower portion of it, so I didn't really think about it too much, until one day. It finally got to me, and I decided I needed to do something about it. 

See how cloudy the bottom of the glass is? You can hardly see the drain.

And it seemed to have a stale odor along with the cloudiness on the glass. So, I looked in my cupboards for a solution. I know there are all kinds of concoctions out there, but I wanted something that was safe for my marble, and safe for me to breathe whilst doing the cleaning, AND something that wasn't going to take all day long.

And then I remembered Ducky. Ducky is what we use on the boat to clean 'er up after being out on the lake.

We happened to have a bottle out in the garage, so I decided it was worth a shot. I sprayed it on half of the water spot cloudiness, and took a clean cloth and rubbed. And after just a minute or two (literally), I was left with sparkling clean glass.

This photo below shows the glass with half cleaned and half not. I draped a towel behind so the photo would show the difference.

And before I knew it, I had cleaned the entire glass wall. It was so clean!

 Such a difference, and so little elbow grease. Just a little circular rubbing, and it was all taken care of.

Time to stock up on Ducky.

And since my bottle was from our old supply, I thought I'd share what a new bottle looks like. You can get Ducky products online and at marine supply stores.

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