Friday, November 7, 2014

72 Hour Kits: Task 3 - Completing The 5-gallon Bucket

With Task 1, we gathered our 72-hour kit containers and Task 2 we bought the food for our 5-gallon buckets, as well as for our kids' backpacks. For Task 3, we'll finish filling the 5-gallon bucket. There are some utensil-type items that will fit in your buckets, and fill them to the top.

The Task 3 list is short and simple, and very do-able. So, if you haven't quite finished Task 2, you'll be able to work on both at the same time for the next couple of weeks.

To finish off the items in the 5-gallon bucket:
-eating utensils
-can opener

To complete the items in your bucket, you'll need eating utensils. You can do this in one of two ways -- a real knife, fork and spoon for each member of your family, which can be used and washed for every meal they are needed; or, you can buy a box of plastic utensils, enough for each family member to have a set for every meal they would be needed. For my 72-hour kit, I have a combination of the two. I have one real set (just in case we need beefier utensils for cooking, serving, etc. I also have a box of plastic utensils for us, enough to use for each meal, if needed. Of course we can also wash plastic utensils, but if water is an issue, we may not want to use much for washing things. It is personal preference, and you should include in your 72-hour kit what makes the most sense to you and will fill the needs of your family.

You will also include a stack of napkins -- whatever you can fit in the bucket.

And most importantly, a manual can-opener. What a bummer it would be to have all this canned food to eat, but no can opener. Don't forget the can-opener.

Since the utensils, napkins and can-opener are obviously non-expiring items, place them in the bottom of your bucket, and then the food that expires towards the top of the bucket. That way, when it comes time to check your bucket once a year, you will easily find the food items that need to be replaced.

Once you've got your utensils, napkins and can-opener in your bucket, close the lid tightly, and put it on the shelf. You will not need to open that bucket again until next year, when the time comes to rotate some of the food out.

Don't you feel like you're making great progress? You've finished one portion of your family 72-hour kits. In a couple of weeks, we'll move on to one of the other containers. Until then, gather all of your items for your 5-gallon bucket and get it put in place on a shelf or in a closet that is easily accessible for everyone in your family.

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