Thursday, November 20, 2014

72 Hour Kits: Task 4 - Tools & Fix-Its

If you haven't had a chance to check out the previous three Tasks, click on the 72-Hour Kit tab above, and you can find all of the information you need. On to Task 4....

Since these are very comprehensive 72-hour kits that we're working on, we have broken them down into "do-able" segments. At the end of the time, you'll have a complete 72-hour kit, and you'll just need to check it once a year (we check ours in the fall) to update it.

The items for Task 4 are Tools and "Fix-Its". All of these items are kept in the duffel bag portion of our kit. Again... organize in the way that makes most sense to you. Our way may not be your way. You can always change the list around to accommodate your own needs.

The items for Task 4 are:

-survival knife and/or utility knife (depending on the knife... you may only need one)
-hammer, screwdriver, wrench
-pliers, wire cutters
-400 feet of bailing wire
-nails and screws
-small shovel
-small ax
-100+ feet heavy duty nylon cord
-4 large eye hooks (to make clothesline with cord)
-100 clothespins
-work gloves
-electrical tape
-duct tape
-super glue
-rubber bands

These items can be found at Home Depot, Walmart, or your own garage. Gather what you can from what you already have around the house, and then go from there. We'll give you a month to gather these things, since there are quite a few things on the list. Just keep a list in your purse or on your phone, and whenever you have the time, purchase or gather the items. When you have them gathered, place them in the duffel bag.

Keep in mind that my 72-hour kit list has been compiled from many lists I have come across for the past several years. I have fine-tuned it to what will meet my family's needs, and you will likely fine-tune my list to your needs.

Also, all of these items will fit into the "non-expiring" group, so you won't have to ever replace them. Yay! Once they're in your kit, they stay there, and shouldn't have to be moved or changed.

To read each of the posts about the 72-hour kits, or to find instructions on how to receive an email with the complete 72-hour kit lists, click on the tab above.

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