Sunday, June 2, 2013

A perfect day in the yard

Yesterday was a day full of yard work for me. Bob and Wils had gone to work on a project in Provo and were gone for the day. So, I had the whole day to putter around in the yard. And putter I did. The temperature was in the upper 70's, which to me is the perfect day in the yard. And to make things even more perfect, there was not one sighting of a snake. Yippee! Could it be that the four that were caught (and dispatched) in the past few weeks were the last of them? Probably not, but at least I know there are four less than when we started. At any rate, I didn't see a single one yesterday, and I was all over the yard!

The wildlife I did see, however, was more than pleasant. Birds were chirping all around me and tending to nests. I think they are starting another round of nesting, because they are scurrying to and from the birdhouses and nests they have built in the lamps on the back of our home.

This little bird doesn't seem to mind that his
home is showing a little wear and tear

And the fish... boy were they ever hungry. They gobbled up whatever food I threw out in the pond. This will be their last summer in our pond. They'll be transplanted into ponds elsewhere (once we find them good homes) next spring so that we can drain the pond, fill it in with dirt, and do something clever and lovely with the space. The reasons for getting rid of the pond are as follows:

1. Grandbabies. I don't think I need to say more, but I will. I wouldn't sleep a wink with grandbabies in my home and a pond that is fascinating to them. Enough said.

2. Snakes. Ugh. They are SOOOOOO drawn to the stream and pond. That seems to be the gathering place for snakes in all of our town, so I think I'll do myself a favor and force them to gather elsewhere.

3. Maintenance. It really isn't too terrible to maintain the pond, but we're thinking a few years down the road, when Bob and I want to serve a mission. I don't want it to be a bother for anyone else to have to do the cleaning and fish feeding. I am doing my best to simplify, and this will be a great step in that direction.

4. Grandbabies. Even if the other reasons weren't on the list, this would be the only reason I need to get rid of the pond. Its been wonderful for the past 13 years to have it and to watch our tiny 3-6" fish grow to be up to 18". But we have lots of photos and memories, and that will be plenty!

As I was weeding and tending to the yard, every where I turned, there were so many beautiful perennials blooming in all their glory. I haven't planted any annuals yet in my backyard, so its up to the perennials to give a spectacular show.

These bright and cheerful Columbines reseed and pop up here
and there around the yard. I love them!

Might look like an odd birdfeeder, but a chicken
feeder works great hanging from a tree if you
have just the right spot!

A bathtub full of pansies!
Another perfect day. I may or may not have needed more sunscreen, but that's another story.

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  1. I love your pictures of the garden it is beautiful.. You are a amazing gardener . Lots of love Mom