Thursday, June 6, 2013

Re-Painting the Dresser

When I was in the midst of re-doing my son's bedroom (click here to see finished bedroom post), I was in a quandary. There was a dresser already in his room, but in the wrong finish. His new room was gray, blue and black. Not a lot of room for a large dresser with a natural wood finish. I didn't really want to buy a new dresser. This kid has never loved dressers. He has been known to move his dresser out of his room into the guest room, just to be rid of it. Honestly. And then he'll proceed to have his socks (and everything else that should be in a dresser) in little neat stacks on his closet shelves. So, I wasn't really wanting to buy a new dresser just to see it get shoved into another room.

But, I was hopeful that being 21 and a mature adult, perhaps he might see the benefits of storing clothes in a dresser now. So I decided to take his old dresser and re-finish it. 

First, I took all the drawers out and numbered them on the bottom as to where they belonged in the dresser.

I then covered and taped them off because I only wanted to paint the fronts of the drawers. I also covered the rails inside the dresser so that spray wouldn't get in those and muck them all up. I sprayed the drawers and dresser with a spray primer. So easy!

And then (no photo for this step) I sprayed everything in a semi-gloss black. I sprayed a few coats to get the coverage and finish I was looking for. And here is the finished product. And I might add, I believe he is using it to store clothing in. Go figure.

Spray-painting furniture is so much faster than brushing on paint. There are pros and cons to both methods, and I switch off according to what the project is. One thing that I don't love about spray paint is that its much more limited in color choices. If you love one of the colors offered at the hardware or craft store, then you're in luck.


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  2. Looks great - you make it sound easy enough that I can do it!