Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Garden Photos

It is as hot as can be outside. I love the summer, and I love working in the yard, but I don't love it when its over 100 degrees, and I have yardwork that needs to be done. Ugh. I think I melted.

Anyway, there are lots of beautiful flowers and things to see this time of the year. As hot as it is, some of the spring flowers have bowed out for the year, but there are some that thrive in the heat, and seem to love it all the more!

Apple pears just starting to grow. They have some growing to do before harvest time!

The pansies have either completely given their all, and need to be pulled out, or they have restarted, and are beautiful with their bright colors...

I mentioned before that I'm going to be taking pond photos this summer, since this is the last year that we'll have it.

Another clematis vine climbing up an old piece of picket fence that we found at the side of the road...

I love this rose. It has a little stripe in it that somehow reminds me of candy!

There's something about this old cart that I just love...

This planter is an old bathtub from Romania. This year I had pansies in it for the spring, and when they were done, I found a hanging planter that was perfect for the tub. I pulled the plants out of the planter pot, and set them in the dirt in the bathtub. I didn't mess with the plants at all or try to pull them apart. I just plopped the whole deal right into the dirt. It seems to love its new home!


  1. Love your sweet tub of flowers! Pinned:)

    1. Thanks! It is growing fast in this summer heat, though. Soon I may not be able to see the tub!