Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chalkboard Circle Garland

Okay, I love to find ideas in magazines that I can easily make for my own home. Garnet Hill had this in their recent catalog.

I immediately thought of my uber-talented husband, and showed him the photo. He asked about how large I would want the circles to be, and a few days later, I had a stack of chalkboard circles on the kitchen table. Voila!

He used his laser-cutting machine (it works miracles, I tell ya!), and cut the circles out, with two small circles at the top of each one. If you didn't have a laser machine, then you could also do this with a jig-saw and a drill. The chalkboard material can be found at Home Depot.

Of course, you season the chalkboard first, by rubbing the chalk all over it. Use a good quality chalk that won't scratch the surface of the chalkboard.

After rubbing the chalk over the surface, wipe it off with a soft, clean cloth or chalkboard eraser.

The last step is the easiest... string the circles onto ribbon or string of your choice.

And write something fun on them...

I can see this being darling for Christmas and other holidays. You could easily change out the ribbon, and write something festive on the circles. Oh, the possibilities! How cute to write the name someone who is having a birthday, so that they're celebrated all day or all week long! Or think of it in a baby's room with their name on it, or some darling word.... like "darling". Love it! My daughter is going to be carrying these in her Etsy shop, so they will be available soon!

Thanks, sweetie-pie. On to the next project!

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