Friday, July 5, 2013

Old Screens Define an Outdoor Space

I like to add unexpected elements to my outdoor design. I don't really go crazy, but there are a few things I love, and that seem to speak to me.  Several years ago, I came upon these two old screens at an antique store. They were outside in a pile of old doors and windows, and were covered with dirt and dust. As soon as I saw them, I knew exactly where I wanted them. 

They fit perfectly at the side of our covered patio. It "encloses" it without really closing it off. It makes it seem a bit like a room. We bring them in during the winter, to save them from the windy snow storms. For each window, we have two eye hooks screwed directly into the beam above. Then, on each window, we screwed in two smaller eye hooks and have small chains attached to those. So, every spring, we just have to slip the chains onto the eye hooks in the beams, and voila! So easy!

I even love how the backs of the screens are a bit rusted from the weather. It adds dimension to them, and makes them a bit less "see through" from the outside in. 

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