Friday, July 12, 2013

Repainting the Kitchen Bench

Since I've slowly been getting rid of the reds in my home decor, I thought it high-time to paint the bench that goes with my kitchen dining table. At one time this red was just the thing for that room, but now it stands out like a big, red, sore thumb.

As always, I cleaned it all off, and then spray painted it with Kilz as a primer coat. When you do this, just be sure to cover everything. It doesn't have to look pretty, since it will be covered with whatever color you choose for the final color.

This is the bench with the first coat of the color I chose for the spray paint. It took three good coats, but took the paint really well. The paint should last a good, long time.

And here it is in its final resting place. It actually goes along the back of the table, but you wouldn't be able to see it way back there, so for photographing purposes, I set it in front.

Another really, really easy project. I can easily change the color whenever I get a whim to do so (and we know that will happen sooner or later).

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