Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dresser Drawers Repurposed into Shelves

Have you ever had an old dresser that just didn't function well as a dresser any more? We had one where the drawers wouldn't slide well, and it looked a bit disheveled even with the drawers in a closed position. At the same time, I needed some shelves in two of the bedrooms in our cabin. I didn't want them to be just ordinary shelves -- something different. So, one day as I was gazing at that old dresser (that was being used as a TV stand in our exercise room), I had a crazy idea. What if I took those drawers out, painted them, and used them as shelves at the cabin? 

It was the perfect fix, and so easy!  I just painted them with one coat of Kilz (love, love, love), and then painted them in the final colors that I wanted. I distressed them a bit with my sander to finish them off and help them look "cabin-y". They are plenty deep, and not too large, and you can put things both inside and on top. Plus I love the little dresser knobs at the bottom. Its like they were built just for this purpose!

And I even have some ideas for the old skeleton of a dresser that is left. Its still proudly acting as a TV stand in our exercise room, but wait until I get my hands on it... and when I say "my hands", I really mean "Bob's and my hands".


  1. genius! I have a dresser that we turned into a tv stand by removing the top two drawers for the xbox and cable box. I kept the drawers, and now I know what to do with them!

  2. Wow, Love this idea and would look fantastic in my home office! Now it's off to the Flea Market.
    Beth @ AlyssabethsVintage

  3. Stopping by from 52 Mantels. Super <3 this look!!