Thursday, August 29, 2013

The weather, it is a-changing!

We had an end-of-the summer cabin getaway last weekend, from Thursday to Saturday. Some of the family weren't able to come because of work schedules and such, but we had a great time with those that were there!

We went on a few Mule rides...

We saw some incredible wildlife. This enormous bull moose was just hanging around as we rounded a corner on the road. Wilson got out of the Mule to get a closer look, which makes his mother a little nervous, but he was careful, and ended up getting some great shots of the big fella.

We also happened upon a small herd of elk, which is a rare occasion. We are lucky to see even one elk once a year, but to see several together is a great event! We stopped the Mule and watched them for a while.

After everyone left to go home, Bob and I stayed around to do a bit of cleaning. While we were eating lunch, we had a crazy hailstorm! It was as if we were being reminded that summer is over, and the white stuff is on its way!

And then, to put an exclamation point on the thought, we saw these beautiful fall leaves on the way home. Can you believe it?!  It IS still August, right?

This made me excited for when Bob and I go on our annual cabin trip to cut down some of the gorgeous fall foliage to use in decorating our house and cabin. It looks we better be making that trip sooner than later!

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  1. Already?! I am still getting used to Nevada, where fall doesn't truly arrive until much later than the Utah mountains...