Sunday, August 4, 2013

Family Reunion

My husband and I were in charge of a family reunion on Saturday at our cabin. It was so nice to get together -- even for just a few hours -- and catch up on everyone's lives. 

The boys played football. And yes, that's my son... the tall one in the center.

I love how intent they all are on watching that ball.

In this family reunion (for my husband's paternal grandparents, who are no longer living), there are only two siblings who lived long enough to have their own families. We had the families of each of the two siblings wear a "family color", hence the green and blue shirts. We played a game where we had all of the first cousins have to put together a descendant chart for all of the descendants from the union of those grandparents. There are almost 100 descendants from the two, so its amazing how the numbers fan out and grow!

Of course Kerplunk was played!

And how cute is that man at the grill? Seriously. And the kids behind him? Couldn't be any better!

The crowds sitting down to a great burger!

We can't have an open fire pit in our cabin area (cuts down on forest fires, so we're actually grateful for the rules!). To compensate, we have a gas version that works perfectly for marshmallows and even popcorn poppers! It does the job!

All in all, it was a success, I think! We had the opportunity to renew family acquaintances, and also to learn a bit about those who have gone before us.

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