Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall - Halloween Decorating

Alrighty then. It's high-time for some Halloween decorating. I do mine very light... very light indeed. I like to start with the fall maple leaves that my husband cut for me up near our cabin. I bring them home and stick them here or there all around the house, and it is instantly "fall" inside of our home. I don't even mind that they dry up and shrivel just a bit. I LOVE seeing all of the hues of fall on the gorgeous leaves inside of my home. And the fall branches take up a lot of space in decorating, so I don't feel like I have to have tons of other decorations.

After placing the fall leaves where I want them, I get a few Halloween decorations out and put them in and amongst the leaf arrangements.

On my dining table, I have a branch strewn across the center of it, and then a couple of clear glass vases, adding more fall colors. This year I have one with pomegranates left over from our wedding luncheon decor last month. I also have one filled with little bits of dehydrated carrots.

The dried carrots had expired in my food storage, and they were the perfect color and texture for what I wanted on my table. Plus, then I don't feel like the carrots went to waste. I may add another vase or two with some other dried things (beans, unpopped popcorn, etc) for my Thanksgiving decor.

More dried leaves strewn around. And not to worry... the candle in the glass jar is a battery-powered one, so we won't be lighting any leaves on fire...

You may notice I don't get too goulish with my Halloween decorations. I've never been into that side of the holiday. I love seeing the little kids dressed up, and I love the fun of handing out the treats (and eating a few myself), but I don't love any of the "dark" things about the holiday.

The mantel gets the same treatment as everywhere else in the house. A few sprigs of dried leaves and some fun, non-scary decor.

I love the ease of being able to quickly take down the Halloween-ish decorations, and switch them with the Thanksgiving things, still leaving up all the leaves. Its a pretty easy way to decorate, and I do love ease these days.

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