Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week by Week Food Storage Plan... Week off!

This is a odd calendar month. This first week of October began with September 30 being on the Monday. So, that means that for our Week By Week Food Storage Plan, we will take this week off. Its an extra week. Remember the plan uses four weeks from each month, so anytime there is an extra week in the month, there will be a week off. I LOVE the "weeks off", because it allows me to catch up on anything I previously have gotten behind with. If I am pretty much all caught up, then I spend some time organizing my food storage area (which it basically always is in need of).

If your food storage room is already all organized and clean, then lucky you. You can spend an entire week resting on your laurels.

Speaking of organizing, I am going through my clothes closet, finally! I have gone through the shoes (whew) and put a bunch of them in a box to give away to Deseret Industries. When my daughter was going through it, she exclaimed more than once "Mom, these are practically Grandma shoes". Two issues with that statement: 1) I AM a grandma; and 2) She did end up taking a few pairs home for herself, so they must not be all that "Grandma".

Now I'm going through each type of clothing: pants, sweaters, tops, skirts, dresses, purses, scarves, jackets, etc, etc. So today, I plan on going through just the pants. I will try on anything I need to just to be sure they haven't stealthily gone to the "out of style" side. Am I the only one who hangs on to things for a long time because I loved how they fit and looked when I bought them? And then down the line, after I haven't worn the pants for a while, I try them on thinking that they're going to look as cute as the day I bought them. There have been many a time that I've looked back in the mirror at myself wondering how that pair of pants went from darling (in my memories) to out of style (in my mirror) in about 10 seconds. Its astounding, but it also helps me jettison items from my closet, which is the whole point to this closet-organizing project!

So, I'll continue on. It may be several weeks til I'm actually through my whole closet, but that's okay with me. Already, just with the shoes being able to fit on my shelves, I feel like I can suddenly breathe better when I'm in my closet. And think better.

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