Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Past & Present

Happy Halloween!

I can't rightfully say what I was dressing up as for this particular year... maybe a tourist? It looks to be when I was 18ish -- probably headed off to a Halloween party or dance. Oh, to be young again! I'm not one who loves to dress up as an adult, so these photos of when I was more festive, are a treasure. My family might even be tempted to think I've digitally put my head on someone else's costume. Not so. This is the real deal, as hard as it is to believe!

Though I don't participate in the costume part of Halloween, I do love seeing all the darling costumes of the kids in our neighborhood, and greeting each of them at the door. I love handing out the candy bars, and we usually all just gather in the living room so that we can all see the kids that come by. Sometimes neighbors filter in, so that by the end of the night, we have a fun gathering of people watching the parade of children coming up the front steps. It's a great evening! Tradition is that we have homemade chili in breadbowls and roasted pumpkin seeds, and this year looks to be no different than the rest.

Have a great Halloween with your friends and family!

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  1. I actually remember that costume - what a fashionable tourist! Why did we not take pictures of our flip flops?