Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year's Eve Jar: Memories, Blessings and Moments from 2013

We started this tradition last year, and we loved it so much, it is definitely a "keeper". I think I like it because it's so easy to do and keep up on.

First of all, find a nice jar or container. It can be anything, but since it's best to keep it out in plain sight, make it something that is nice to look at, or that goes along with your decor. I chose a porcelain jar that I had already. If I want, down the line, I can easily change it to another jar or container. It could even be a wood box. Whatever works in your decor.

Then, make a stack of cards you can write on. I designed mine to look like index cards, but you can do anything that suits your fancy. You can just cut squares of scrapbook paper, or even just use plain paper... again, whatever works for you. I would suggest using something with the weight of cardstock, though, because it's fun to keep these from year to year, and they will hold up better with a heavier weight of paper.

And that's really all you need for the basic New Year's Jar. You can make a tag with the current year on it, and attach that to the jar somehow. But you don't really even have to do that.

We write on the cards all throughout the year. You can write about anything... memorable moments, blessings, achievements, funny things, etc. We like to keep it positive around here. And then, on New Year's Eve (or New Year's Day, around the table, etc), we open the jar and take turns reading the cards in it. It's fun to look back and remember some of the moments -- big and small -- that have happened to our family.

And then, I just punch a hole on the cards and keep them on a ring with the original year's tag that I had made to go on the jar. Easy enough to do, and it will be fun in the years to come to just glance through those cards and see the things that have happened through the years. Such a fun way, as the new year begins, to remember all that happens within any given year.

If I get really ambitious, I can make fancier year tags, but if not, these will do. I can't wait til New Year's day to see what has been written down throughout the year!

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