Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Is Everywhere!

Now that it is April, spring has come on every where I look. A few morning ago, I was trying to sleep, and early in the morning I could hear the most beautiful songbirds chirping and singing so happily. I couldn't be annoyed by it... it was just to sweet of a sound. A little later on, I was out on the deck, and this is what I found right outside of my bedroom. I mean right outside. Like 5 feet from where our bed is.

If you look closely enough, you can see mamma's tail feathers towards the right. She's been sitting on those eggs so faithfully. 

Funny thing is, I cleaned all of those lanterns out last year, which included cleaning old nests out of them. I guess the house finches won't let something like that stop them from rebuilding. 

The yard is really waking up, and starting to show some lovely colors.

The ground is still pretty barren, and some of the perennials are just starting to do their thing, but its always such an amazing time of year in the garden. Almost daily, you can find things that have appeared that weren't there the day before.

And my front yard wisteria is going to have another good year.

Those fuzzy little nubs will become luscious gorgeous wisteria blossoms. Can't wait!

I've got loads to do out in that dirt this year. Hopefully this weekend the weather will cooperate, and I can get some things crossed off my list. We've got big things and big changes happening in our yard this year. Hopefully it all works out the way we're hoping and planning!

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