Thursday, March 5, 2015

72 Hour Kits: Task 7 - Hygiene

Task 7 is quite comprehensive and has quite a list that goes with it.  As always, you will need to decide what is appropriate for your own needs and wants in your family's 72-hour kit. Remember, for my family, we have a main, larger kit that covers Bob and I and many general family items. We also have smaller, backpack kits for each of the kids so that they can grab and go, and have their basic needs met in their own packs.

For the main kit, the items for Task 7 are as follows:

2 - mirrors
2 - hand towels
bar soap
body wash
2 - shampoo (trial size)
2 - lotion (small size)
2 - deodorant (trial size)
baby powder
2 pkgs. handi-wipes
2 - hand sanitizers
Scope mouthwash
1 - toothpaste 
2 - toilet paper
feminine hygiene products
2 - vaseline
2 - chapstick
insect repellent
sun screen
2 - nail clippers (finger and toe)

Many of the above items don't expire, so those won't ever have to be replaced, but the items that do expire have a date by them on my 72-hour kit list, and I'll replace them when their expiration date comes up. I check my 72-hour kits every fall, and to do it quickly and easily, I just scan my list for the items that have or will soon expire, and then I write those items on a shopping list and grab them next time I'm at the store. When I have all of the new items purchased, I open my kit, take out the old and replace with the new. Very easy. I don't have to go through the entire kit and look at every item. In fact, I don't even have to open my kit up until I have the new items to go in to it.

For my kit, all of the above items go in to my rolling cooler, with the exception of the toilet paper. Those are in the duffel bag.

In the backpack kits for the kids, the list for Task 7 is as follows:

toilet paper
bar soap
body and face wash
sanitizing wipe pkts - 4
hand sanitizer
deoderant (trial size)
shampoo (trial size)
lotion (trial size)

Again, decide what you want in your kids' packs, and adjust the list accordingly. Since this list is quite long, we'll take the month of March to collect all of the items. At the beginning of April, we'll start Task 8.

To see the other Tasks that we've covered so far, or to get a copy of my complete 72-Hour Kit List click on the 72-Hour Kit tab above.

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