Sunday, March 22, 2015

Family History Pie Chart

There is so much out there on the internet that makes family history work interesting and accessible to everyone. I am by no means a genealogist. My sisters and mom have done hundreds and hundreds of hours of work in searching for connections and names. They are amazing in what they have done and what they continue to do. I dabble. There is no other way to put that. I really just dabble. I have time here and there, and it interests me to look things up on FamilySearch and

The other day, my husband's cousin sent me a link (from BYU) that brought up a version of a pie chart that shows the nationalities that make up my family lines, up to 6X Great Grandparents. It's a website called Grandma's Pie, and you sign in using your FamilySearch (or LDS login). And then, it automatically makes up the pie chart for several generations going back.

After signing in, you click on "Show Multiple Generations", and then move the slide up at the top, according to how many generations you want to show. For instance, when I moved the slide just slightly to the right, it showed going back to my Great-Great Grandparents. In the center circle, it shows my mom and dad. My mom's color is green, because she is still living. My dad's color is dark orange, because he was born in the United States. His parents were both born in the U.S., so they are dark orange in the circle extending out from him, and my mother's father was born in England, while her mother was born in the U.S., so the circle extending out from my mom's green half circle, show a dark orange and a light blue. The legend at the left shows what countries are represented, and the legend at the right shows percentages.

When you scroll over the circle, the names for the various individuals show up, so you know exactly who is represented. 

It's pretty fascinating to see the makeup of the nationalities, as the lines go on. Below, I slid the bar all the way to the right, to extend as far out as the program allows, which is 6X Great Grandparents. 

Pretty interesting to see how it looks all out there on one page. It's still amazing to me how much is available at the touch of a button. Literally a touch. 

To try your hand at getting your own pie chart made, click here.

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