Thursday, March 12, 2015

Primary Birthday Gifts

This year for the birthday gifts to the Primary children, we are giving a necklace to the girls, and a carabiner to the boys. 

It's pretty hard to come up with an idea that is inexpensive, but that the kids will enjoy and actually use. We have a fairly large Primary, so we had to keep the cost down.

That's where my husband comes in with his amazing metal laser machine. Our oldest son runs the metal shop part of our business, so he designed and produced the actual pendants that went on the necklaces. After his part, a jewel or pearl were added, and there you have it...

... a darling little necklace, that I'll be wearing, along with the kiddos.

As far as the boys' carabiners are concerned, I don't have a picture of that, but they were imprinted with the same words (the Primary theme for 2015), and packaged the same way. And what boy doesn't love a carabiner?

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