Wednesday, April 8, 2015

72-Hour Kits: Task 8 - Food Prep, Etc.

You should have a really great start on your 72-Hour Kits by now. We just have a few more tasks to complete them. Task 8 will be to gather the remaining items for food preparation.

The list is as follows:

Main Kit:
propane stove
mess kit
paper plates
scouring pads
dish soap and/or powdered dish soap
rubber gloves
3 ea. baggies (lg and small)

Kids' Backpacks (if applicable):
set of eating utensils

As with all of the other lists, decide what you will want and need in your own 72-hour kits. The propane stove I have in our kit is just a small one-burner stove that I would be able to use to heat up a can of chili or soup. And it's really important to have a small canister of propane in your kits. The mess kit has a pan included in it that I can heat food up in. 

All of the other things on the list are pretty self-explanatory. I keep most of the items on the above list (for the main kit) in my rolling cooler. The disinfectant is kept upright so that it doesn't leak everywhere.

Start gathering what you'll need of the above items, and get them stored in your 72-hour kit. We'll get going on the next task in a couple of weeks.

To see the other Tasks that we've covered so far, or to get a copy of my complete 72-Hour Kit List click on the 72-Hour Kit tab above.

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