Saturday, April 25, 2015

72-Hour Kits: Task 9 - Miscellaneous A

We are at Task 9. Almost to the end of our 72-Hour Kits. All of the remaining items fit into the Miscellaneous category, and it's the biggest category of them all. So, we'll split this one into two different Tasks, and then you will be able to call yourself done. Think about that... you will have your 72-hour kits DONE. That is an accomplishment that many desire, but few actually attain. This is getting exciting.

So, for today's Task, we're basically splitting the Miscellaneous List in half. Let's get started:

Medications (Tylenol, Excedrin, Tums, whatever you might need)
Small First Aid Kit (I prefer to just buy a ready-kit, but you can put together a small one, if you like)
Portable Radio (If you can, find one that is solar-powered)
Batteries For Radio, if it isn't solar-powered. Be sure to note the expiration date.
Dust Masks (enough for every family member)
Batteries For Flashlight. Again, be sure to note the expiration date.
Candle (nice, solid and sturdy)
Waterproof Matches
2 - 8 Hour light sticks (find these at Emergency Essentials, or other emergency prep stores)
Duffel Bag (this is the same bag that you actually carry some of your items in)
3 Large Garbage Bags
Fly Swatter

Look at this list and decide which of these items you'll need, and also the quantity. As I go along, from year to year, I sometimes find items that I think might work better (i.e. a better flashlight or radio, or such), and then I buy them, and set them on or near my 72-hour kit so that when I go through it, I can replace the old item with the new item. There are always new and improved emergency items, so you can adjust your kits along the way.

I keep the above items in either the duffel bag or my rolling cooler. On my master list, I indicate which container they're in so that when I go to check them or replace an expired item, I know just where to find it.

Now, if you're also doing the smaller, backpack kits for your kids, the items this week for their packs are:

Backpack (you should already have this to put all of their kit items in)
Batteries For Flashlight

Take a couple of weeks to gather your items, and we'll move on to the last task, Task 10, at that time.
Good luck!

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