Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Personal Progress - me, losing air - Bob

What a week! So many things all going on at once! One great thing that we got crossed off the list was finding Lindsay an outfit to have her engagement photos taken in this coming Monday. We found a cute maxi dress and a little sweater, and I think she's going to wear cowboy boots with it. Should be pretty cute!

I've been feverishly making little wire nests

so that the Beehive girls can finish them up as a Mother's Day gift for their moms.  The finished product will look like one of these:

The girls will wire in as many "eggs" as there are children in their family, and put them in a little organza bag for their moms. Should be fun! I think I have everything all ready for them. I tied it into a Personal Progress Faith Value Experience that has to do with Mothers, so that while we are working on the necklaces, we can also be working on passing off something in their Personal Progress.

I held a Personal Progress Open House yesterday from right after school all through the afternoon and into the early evening. I told the girls to come by any time during that period of time with their Personal Progress books, and we would get the Young Women records caught up, and help them get moving along on some of their other goals in Personal Progress. Eight girls ended up coming, which was great! We have 13 girls, and one of them is brand new, so she didn't have any reason to come (since I just met with her). So really only 4 didn't come. I can easily catch up with them at another time. When the girls came by, I caught up my records with what was in their books, and then had them fill out a little questionnaire about their favorite things, hobbies, etc. We talked about some ideas to help them stay motivated, I took a photo (for later activities), and gave them a treat, and they were on their way. 

Personal Progress treat, tracking sheet,
and questionnaire

I think it was pretty successful, and maybe I'll try to do one every six months or so? We'll see how often I feel like its needed.

Tonight Bob will be taking the Priests over to the shop to teach them how to weld. I think it will be fun for everyone (including Bob). He loves to weld, and loves any excuse to do it! He has been ever so busy lately, that he needs to do something fun like that once whenever he can get it in. Its interesting, but with the calling of Bishop, comes a 24/7 "on call" status. He never really can turn his phone off. When people need him, they really do need him, and he needs to be available whenever that need arises. He is so good at making himself very approachable and available. It is emotionally draining and also physically draining, but he just keeps on going. Today while we were at our regular Wednesday lunch, he said he feels like a big "blow-up" toy, and when he spreads himself to thin it feels like he has a leak and he's just starting to droop and fade. When he was telling me that, his actions were hilarious. It made me really envision him losing air. Funny guy! He is truly the most amazing man I have ever known. And why did I get so lucky as to be his wife? No clue, but I'm pretty darn happy about it!

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