Thursday, May 10, 2012

Angry Birds Youth Activity

We finally had our Angry Birds Activity last night. I think the kids had a lot of fun. At least it was something a little different for an activity!

The planning started with making beanbags. Lindsay cut out the fleece and felt for me, and I sewed them all together. Easy peasy. Then, I decorated a few in Angry Birds fashion....

and took the rest to mutual a week ago so the girls could decorate them and put their own flair on them. They did such a great job! It was fun to see how they decorated their own. We had them sign their names to the back, so after the activity they would be able to take their own home.

I drew faces on green beach balls to look like the pigs in Angry Birds. I was going to have the girls help me with that, too, but in my experimenting, I found that I had to use special pens (that took forever to dry) to paint on the faces. I thought that might not work on a mutual night when I had to transport the beach balls back home with wet faces.

We also put the word out for people to save their cardboard boxes. We got most of them from our business, but I told Bob I would do my part and order as much as I could online so that I could contribute boxes to the cause. Nordstrom shoes, here I come! :)

There wasn't much more to the preparation, other than printing off some scripture questions and cutting them into strips. Little things like that.

When we got to the church, we divided into four teams. We have a large enough mutual, that I figured it would be best to have two games going on at the same time, with four teams involved. Two of the teams went into the Primary room, and two went into the Relief Society room. Once in their rooms, one of the teams (the Pig team) had 3 minutes to answer as many scripture questions as they could. For each correct question, the received a pig beach ball. 

Once their three minutes was up, they went into they gym and started building their tower with boxes and pigs. They had three minutes to build their tower. 

While they were building the tower, the other team (the one left in the other room) answered scripture questions for 3 minutes to earn bean bags.

After the team had earned their bean bags, they came into the gym and (standing behind the designated blue line) threw their bean bags at the towers to try to knock all the pigs onto the floor.

It was harder than it seems to knock those pigs down. The towers were built pretty solidly, so it wasn't easy!  It was fun to watch the kids zing those bean bags across the gym. The boys threw it so hard that they usually sailed it right past the target, and the girls threw it so soft that they would hit the target, and the bean bag would gently fall to the floor. Pretty funny!

We played a few rounds, switching Pig and Bird teams, and also with a few variations of how they had to build their towers. Afterwards, we had little Rice Krispie bird nests for dessert.

Courtney and I made the bird nest treats, which actually were really easy.

I think it turned out pretty good, and it was fun that the Beehive girls were involved in the preparation. It was fun for them to feel a part of the activity. The good news is, the Beehives aren't in charge of another Combined YM/YW Activity until next year. Yippee!

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  1. What an awesome activity! I am having so much fun going through your blog archives!