Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Bob invention: clematis trellis

What an incredibly beautiful time of the year it is! Every time I go outside, there is something new blooming and adding its beauty to the gardens. I love this old birdhouse. It used to have a trumpet vine climbing all over it, until I realized that trumpet vines can quickly take over an entire yard. I got rid of it as soon as I could by cutting the main trunks and painting a stump killer on it. But I left the old woody vine that surrounds the birdhouse. I love how it looks in any season! Just to add some interest to it, I planted a clematis that is climbing up the old dead stalk and making its new home there. Love it!

Clematis climbing
up the old birdhouse

And speaking of clematis, look what Bob made me! I have three clematis vines growing up the side of our east vinyl fence. If you know clematis vines, you'll know that they need something to wrap around, or hang onto, which doesn't really happen with a vinyl fence. So, Bob welded me some trellises for them. Aren't they awesome?!  It amazes me that I only need to come up with a need or concept of something, and he can always figure out how to make it or build it. He is incredibly talented and so good to me! He couldn't possibly be any busier with his calling as bishop and running a busy business, but he always finds time to do little sweet things for me, like building three trellises for my clematis.

Bob's newest invention:
a clematis trellis

The colors are beginning to really come out in all varieties of flowers. It still seems a bit early for that, but I guess I'll go with it! I just hope all of the gorgeousness doesn't fade out before our wedding reception in June. I'll have to get a lot of annuals to make sure and fill in any blah spots. 


Columbines are one of my favorites, though I wish they lasted all summer long! I love the combination of colors. So pretty!


And in other news, I am just about ready for our Angry Birds youth activity tomorrow night. I'll try to take pictures and post about it afterwards. It will be a fun night, I hope! It has been a bit of work to prepare for it, and our house is full of beanbags and beach balls, but after tomorrow night, that should all be cleaned up! And then on to all the preparation for the wedding! Yay!

Update on Mr. Snake: He has been a no-show ever since my last sighting. No one has seed hide nor hair of him, and I think they are beginning to think I may have digitally produced him in that photo. But then again, those who are near and dear to me know that I am nowhere near tech-y enough for that.

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  1. Beautiful flower!!!! It's great to see what others are crafting in their gardens.

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