Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tidbits: missionary, wedding, YW and garden...

You know what this means, right? We have reached the one year mark in Wilson's mission. His chart is exactly halfway done. Actually, to be totally correct, this is a photo from yesterday, so today we are into his second year! It sounds pathetic -- that I am counting down, but I miss that kid! Just like when Robbie was serving in Singapore, I don't let Wilson know the extent to which I miss him. I don't want him to get all homesick and sad because he thinks I am sad. To be honest, I am not sad. I love that he's on his mission and I love that he loves being out there. He is totally immersed in the work and doing an awesome job as a missionary. He is being obedient and working hard and helping to change lives. I absolutely would not want him home right now. He needs to be where he is, and he needs to be his best. I love the strength I see that he is gaining, and I love to see the growth he is making. He could not get that in any other way at this time of his life. It is an amazing blessing for him and also for us, to have him serving.

We finally got all the components of Lindsay and Ryan's wedding invitations, so we have started putting them together. They are darling! Linds and I spent a few hours yesterday folding and tying baker's twine around the invitation. We have a few more to go. This is what the finished product looks like. I'll post more detailed photos of it at a later date.

Last night we had a game night for the Beehives at our home. We decided since they have been working so hard on Personal Progress, and also pretty busy with the end of school projects and papers they have to do, that we would do a fun game night. We started off with this ball of treats.

We all sat in a big circle. We started with one girl trying to find the end of the tape to start unraveling it, while the girl next to her rolled dice. As soon as she rolled doubles, the one with the candy ball had to pass it along, and so on, until the ball was totally unrolled and the candy was dispersed to the girls. They all went away with some candy. Pretty fun!

After that, we played a game that Courtney had prepared, which was one from "Minute to Win It". A paper grocery bag was placed on the floor, and each girl, one at a time, had to stand on one leg, while lowering herself to try to get the bag in her teeth (without falling, and without touching the floor with hands). It was pretty tricky, actually. Each time we made it around the circle, the bag was cut a little shorter and we all tried it again. It was really fun, and we all laughed and had a great time!

The girls all brought their favorite treat, so we all munched on the goodies for a few minutes. Then the girls decided to go out and play volleyball. It was fun to see them all playing together and having fun with each other. We have such a great group of girls, and they are fun to plan activities with. They are so excited about any ideas, and really participate well. We have 13 girls right now, so its a good-sized group.

I love this time of year!  So much beauty at every turn. I took this photo about a week ago, when my wisteria was in its last stretch of blooms. So pretty. 

The garden fills my soul -- even when my days are hectic and crazy, like they have been. If I take just a minute to walk around the yard when I'm out feeding the dog or the fish, or getting the mail, or whatever, I can feel myself breathing more deeply and the stress seems to shed away. Now, if I can just keep that feeling when I'm NOT in the garden....


  1. Can you give instructions on the candy ball? It looks like just clear tape without shrik wrap? Thanks!

    1. I will write a post on the candy ball this in a day or two. I hope that's soon enough for what you need. It was a fun game, and the kids loved playing it!

    2. That would be great. We were hoping to do it Thursday night for pack meeting. I have searched for instructions on the web but the only ones I have found require shrink wrap which is $28 a roll and way out of our budget for pack meeting so I hoping yours isn't with shrink wrap. From all the pictures I have seen yours looked the best and most organized. Thank you!