Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Invitations are ready to go!

Okay, I finally addressed the last of the wedding invitations. They turned out really cute! Lindsay came up with the idea from something she had seen before, and then my niece, Joanna, designed them and had them printed. They really tell their story. I took photos of it, but since it is much longer than a normal piece of paper, it took three photos to get it all in. This is the top of it:

And this is the middle section. Sorry about the different coloring in the photos. My flash was being persnickety, so it went off randomly.

And this is the bottom of it:

The reverse of it tells all the details of the wedding, the reception, and a map to our home. The invitation folded up in 3rds to fit in a 6 X 6 kraft envelope.

And, we made two different inserts. One for those who will be attending the temple marriage ceremony and the luncheon, and then another who will just be attending the luncheon.

And here is the happy couple:

Awkward view of the photo, but again, I couldn't get my flash to not make a total white-out of the photo. Anyway, invitations: check. They are stuffed, addressed, stamped and ready to be dropped off at the post office. We had about 315 or so, so it took me a little while to address them while Lindsay stamped the return address and licked them, and Bob put the stamp on them. What an awesome team! We were going to do labels, but found out that since the stuffed envelope was exactly 1 ounce, the labels would have made them too heavy, and each one would have cost an extra .20! 

We also had a little thank you card printed for the people who come to the luncheon (which will also have a ring ceremony at it for those who are unable to attend the temple). It just expresses Linds and Ryan's gratitude for those special people in their lives. We will also put a little favor with the card, and put them at each place setting at the luncheon. So, now I need to make 70 more little mint favors. Correction: WE need to make the favors. Linds is more than willing to help with anything at all.

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