Monday, June 11, 2012


It is definitely the end of an era for us... our dog named Sam died on Saturday night. He was 13 years old, so had lived quite a long life for a Golden Retriever, but it was hard to see him go. He had had arthritis for a while, and was just a bit stiff, but always acted like a puppy once he got warmed up. On Saturday, when Bob and I went back to feed him, he wouldn't come out of his doghouse. Bob got him out and tried to stand him up, but his legs wouldn't work at all. He just sort of slumped over and didn't even want to lift his head. So sad to see the old man in such a state, but I am grateful it was so obvious it was his time to go. I didn't want to have to try to decide when the time was right... he helped make the decision easier for me.

Linds and Robbie with Sam and another pup

It is amazing how those pets of ours somehow work their way right into our hearts! I thought I was in control, but I had a really tough time. I couldn't even go inside of the vet with Bob. I just said my goodbye to Sam, scratched him on the head, and Bob took him in. Bob is such a sweetie, and totally understands me and my tenderness towards pets, and he just took me in his arms and let me be a big baby for as long as I needed to. Sam was a pretty great dog, actually. He was so sweet and happy and LOVED all of us!

Scout, Sam and Wilson

Sam was the offspring of our first dog, Nick, who was obviously a much darker Golden Retriever. He died when he was 14, so they both lived pretty good lives.

Robbie, Linds and Whitney with Nick

I think I don't want any more dogs... my heart breaks too much when its time to say goodbye to them. 

1999 - 2012
Goodbye old fella.

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