Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chipmunks on the grill

We decided we needed to get away to the cabin for Memorial Day weekend. We headed up on Friday afternoon. It was a great weekend, mostly spent sitting around and enjoying doing pretty much nothing. The weather was not exactly warm...

Snow at the cabin on
Memorial Day weekend

It made for some cozy fun, though. Our most important task of the few days we were there was to finish up the "pencil puzzle" (a puzzle of hundreds of different pencils in various colors and sizes). Here, Bob is moving so fast in his puzzle work, that his hand is out of focus.

As Bob got the grill uncovered and opened up in preparation for our barbecue dinner, he saw a pile of little wood chips and bits inside of the grill. As he looked closer, the pile was moving -- a nest of five baby chipmunks! They were as cute as could be!

Chipmunks nesting in the grill

Needless to say, we needed to move them out so we could have our burgers. Robbie got some work gloves on and scooped them all up into a cardboard box. We set the box down on the deck near the grill, and continued on with cooking our meat.  The mommy chipmunk kept coming around and scolding us. She found her babies, and started removing them from the box -- to where? Who knows! She didn't want anything to do with the little home we made for her. Maybe next time we go up, she'll have them all back inside of the grill.

We have been so busy around here. Wedding preparations are getting to the frenzy mode. Tonight Lindsay and Whitney are coming over to do some wedding crafts. Hopefully we get a lot accomplished. I have a list that never seems to get anything completely crossed off! We only have 10 days left, so we better start getting things done. We have some yard work yet to do, in the backyard especially. The front yard could be called "ready" at this point.

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