Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wedding Luncheon Photos - Part 2

Just a few more photos from the wedding luncheon. Such a beautiful day (despite the clouds and iffy weather)!

Originally we had planned to have all of the tables outside on the lawn. Since it had rained for the three days prior to the big day, the grass was a little mucky, and I feared the ladies' heels getting mired in the muck. So, we set up four of the tables outside, under the deck. where they were sheltered from any chance of rain. The other five tables were just inside, in the basement.

The centerpieces were made by my friend Val. She used old barn wood, fashioned it into boxes, and planted succulents and ivy in them.

Ooooo. Who is that cute little baby looking right at the camera? Our sweet, sweet grand-baby!

Some of the crowd in, some out. It worked beautifully as a "Plan B" arrangement.
How cute is my son (the groom) with his hand tenderly holding the arm of his new bride? He's a sweetie-pie!

And finally, my beautiful mother...

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