Saturday, February 8, 2014

Activity Days: Valentine's Treat Jars

We had a fun Activity Days activity the other day. We took around some Valentine's treats to some people in the neighborhood, and also to the girls who missed Activity Days that week. I made the Valentine's Muddy Buddies (from The Recipe Critic) beforehand so that the girls would have a chance to make the cards and then deliver the treats in the neighborhood.

I just used some wide-mouth jars that I happened to have on hand, and we used coffee filters for the covering under the rings. I have loads and loads of coffee filters for crafts, and we don't drink coffee around these parts, so I love when I get a chance to use them. They fit perfectly on the jars, and looked pretty darn cute. Then we just tied some pink and red baker's twine around the ring lids and voila! A darling little treat! Lindsay (my daughter, and Activity Days partner... woo hoo!) made the darling little cards to attach to the jars. Each of the girls wrote their names on the back. We had the girls all go up to the doorsteps together, and they were darling! I'm sure the recipients couldn't help but smile at their sweet, eager faces. And the girls felt SOOOOO good afterwards. It was fun to hear them talk about how much they liked surprising the people with their little treats.

Easy to make, and we really could fill the jars with any kind of treat for any time of the year and do the same thing.

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