Sunday, February 16, 2014

Christmas Card Keeper

What do you do when you look out the window, and this is what you see? My very first inclination was to throw on my sweats (or even better... jammies!), and talk my love into curling up on the couch and watching old movies with me. 

The perfect little project while curled up in front of the TV is going through the Christmas cards we just received. I quickly go through all of the envelopes and update my Christmas Card list with any address changes that I may not have previously known about. And then, I toss all of the envelopes into the garbage, and I punch a hole in the top corner of each card and Christmas letter we've received. After that, I just thread them onto a large keyring, and leave them out on the coffee table for a few weeks. That way, the family is easily able to thumb through them and read anything they missed out on. When I put it away for the year, I'll just attach a "2013" tag (which my husband is going to make with his magic laser machine), and I can keep it with the other Christmas card key rings I have. Its a fun way to keep the cards and photos, and to be able to look easily through them, without having to take the cards out of envelopes to view them. Easy and fun project!

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