Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sweet Pea Baby Shower

The baby shower turned out great! My daughter Whitney planned out all of the decorations while I was with my husband floating in the ocean somewhere around Panama. She is amazing, and it makes me think I'll need to plan another trip right before the next event I have at my home.

The theme was "Sweet Pea". We couldn't do a boy or girl themed shower, since we don't know the gender of the baby yet. 

I had my niece Joanna design the invitations. She is so very talented at everything graphic arts.

I wish I had taken photos of the food table all laid out with the scrumptious food. But, that was right when the festivities were starting, and I was otherwise occupied. Suffice it to say, it was all delicious. My friend Kristen made the frosted sugar cookies. Divine. In fact, before things even started, my husband was on his way out to a meeting, and wondered aloud whether I had stashed some away for us to have later. Indeed I had. Probably more than we need, but I've definitely got us covered for a while. We also had a fruit plate and a delicious cheese ball with crackers, and personal vegie cups.

Of course we couldn't just serve plain old water bottles. I bought a brand with a plastic label, which made it really easy to remove. And then I just tied a small piece of green tulle around each bottle. So easy, and it doesn't matter if the tulle gets wet or cold, or whatever. It looks great no matter what.

And at the end of the buffet was where the guests could cast their ballot as to which gender they think the baby is.

And I'm pleased to announce, the "he's" have it. If the ladies have anything to do about it, the baby is a boy!

Here are some of Whitney's darling decorations...

She made the darling felt raindrops and hung them from "clouds" to hang over the gift area... a baby "shower". So cute!

We had the guests put the gifts in our old bassinet. My mom had her own babies sleep in this very same bassinet, and I had mine sleep in it too. It originally cost my mom $18.00. I'd say we got (and are still getting) our use out of that! I love it!

Garlands made by Whitney.

Dishes of candies and gum, all looking a lot like peas.

More pea decorations...

Whitney helped me put these favors together for the guests as they left the shower...

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