Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Tags From Vintage Cards

Boy, oh boy. Do you know that feeling when you find a treasure at an antique or thrift store, and you can't believe your luck? My sister and I scored some very vintage scrapbooks a few months back. We've seen empty ones before, but these were full to the brim of vintage cards -- for all seasons and holidays!

I bought two of them and set them aside, just waiting til I had some time to actually do something with them. And I found the perfect reason to pull them out last week. I needed some Christmas gift tags, but not just anything would do. I had made some decorated bottle brush trees, and I wanted a tag that would "fit" the style.

Enter Scrapbook #1:

Just look at these pages.

They're chalk-full of vintage Christmas cards. And since they aren't to or from anyone I know, I don't feel too bad re-purposing them for gift tags.

I imagine whoever took the time to put all the cards in the book, would get a kick out of knowing that 70 years later, they are being put to use yet again.

They could not be any cuter!

I had a hard time choosing which card I wanted to use, but I finally found one I thought would work. I cut the card away from the book, leaving only the glued-on back page of the card.

And this is what the card looked like.

I suppose you could just cut a shape out of the card, and use it without any other backing, but I wanted it to be a bit stouter, so I simply used a glue stick to glue a plain tag to the back of the card, being careful to hold it up to the light so that I could see through it and know I was gluing it right where I wanted it.

Then, I cut around the little tag, and punched a hole where the tag's hole was originally.

I got three tags out of one card! Can't beat that. And there are literally hundreds more waiting to be made, when the time comes. So next time you see vintage Christmas cards, or better yet... an old scrapbook, don't pass it by!

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