Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week-By-Week Food Storage Plan: week off

The year is coming to an end. We've already covered four weeks in December, and since we only do four weeks each month, we're done for the year, and we'll resume again in a week. In the meantime, I use the four "extra" weeks that come throughout the year as time to catch up on any weeks I haven't quite finished yet, or I straighten and organize my food storage closet and/or shelves.

Remember that this food storage plan doesn't really ever end. It is important to check, rotate and replenish every week so that you are actually using the food in your storage. Otherwise you will end up having lots of expired food that you end up throwing away, which is aggravating and wasteful. And, no matter what week it is in the year, you can jump on board and start wherever you are... January, June, November. It's all the same, and you just start right in, beginning with the current month.

We'll have a new week's assignment next week, and in a couple of weeks, we'll continue on with our 72-hour kits. Click the 72-hour kit above to see the information we've covered so far.

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