Thursday, December 18, 2014

Projects Crowding Me Out of My Kitchen

Yesterday, I walked into the kitchen and was struck by the little projects I had going on just about every possible surface. Mind you, I have a craft room, but that is currently being inhabited by another throng of little projects. 

I've got vintage key ornaments on-going. We've made over a hundred, and there are still about 40 to go... 

I'm also working on Ollie blocks for my two grand babies. Soooooo cute! 

When they're all done, I'll post about them. 

I've also put together 30 little jars of chocolate almonds for visits my husband will be making in the neighborhood in the next day or two...

And another 15 little Christmas bowls with chocolate almonds. Also for visits he'll be making. (That adds up to lots of visits for him and the other men!)

A little less pretty to look at are the stacks of lesson binders I'm working on to get ready for the new year in Primary.

And of course, quilts to bind.

It's fun to work on these projects and also fun to see them go out the door! The two boxes of chocolate almond treats went out the door last night, and I have reclaimed many, many square feet of counter space. My goal is to keep that bit of real estate empty.

Only one week left til Christmas! Can you believe it?! It's been a wonderful December so far. So full of things that have helped to remind me of the true meaning of Christmas. I love the Christmas plays, programs, ward party, music, books, conversations, etc, that help to keep my thoughts and feelings centered on the birth of Jesus Christ. What a beautiful, simple event that made so much possible for each of us. How blessed we are!

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