Thursday, February 5, 2015

72 Hour Kits: Task 6 - Shelter/Clothing

Alrighty. It's high-time we move on to the next step in the 72-hour kits. Today's task is all about shelter and clothing.

My list goes as follows:

2 person tent
survival blankets
rain ponchos
hand warmers
warm gloves
extra shirts
wool socks
ski hat

And when we had our kids here at home, and they had their own 72-hour kit backpacks, I packed the following in their packs:

2 large garbage bags (for shelter, extra layers, etc)
survival blanket
rain poncho
hand warmers
warm gloves
complete change of clothes

Your list will likely be a little different, depending on where you live, and the weather. Obviously, we never know when this 72-hour kit will come into play, so plan on the coldest weather you might receive.

Remember that a 72-hour kit generally doesn't provide you with all of the niceties of life. Think about being away from your home and having only what is in your kit. What will you need? What are the bare necessities?

Some of the items on the lists will just come from your drawers or closet. The others may take some time to gather. We'll work on this Task for the month of February, and then we'll move on. Good luck!

To see each of the other tasks in the 72-hour kit project, just click on the 72-hour kit tab above.

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