Friday, February 6, 2015

Two More Jelly Roll Quilts Delivered

I've delivered the first of our grand baby quilts for the year. It was so much fun to do the quilts for the twins. They're very similar, but have a few subtle differences. 

The backs are slightly different, along with one of the border fabrics.

Gotta love those jelly roll quilts. (To read more about how to make jelly roll quilts, click here) It was a good way for me to go so that all of my grandkids have the same basic quilt design, but very different with the use of different fabrics. And there are such cute jelly roll fabrics out there. I've got several rolls on my shelf just waiting to be made. The first ones to be finished though, will be the three for our other three new grandbabies. 

For those who are wondering what the count is to date, we have 5 here, with one due any day and another due in a couple of months. We are beyond thrilled to have so many new ones so close together (five in three months time!). Our family is growing so quickly. Bob and I spent most of January visiting or babysitting grand kids. And I've gotta say, we couldn't think of anything that would bring us any more pure joy. It has been like a slice of heaven around here.

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  1. These babies are the luckiest babies in the whole world and these quilts are to die for!!