Thursday, February 19, 2015

Map-Lined Den Doors

We have glass-paneled doors for our den. Originally, I thought I would love having the glass to look through into the den, but our painters did me wrong in that regard. When they were trying to get the painters tape off the glass, apparently they had very fresh blades in their Exacto knives, because they left scratches all along the sides of the glass. So much so that you can see them very clearly. And unfortunately we didn't notice for a while, and they were ... shall we say ... hard to track down, so we just had to live with it. For a while, I covered them with fabric from the inside, but I needed a fresh new look, and I wanted it to be more in the blue tones, to go with the rest of our entry way. 

And then the idea struck to use a map. A really big map. I tracked one down, and cut it to size. I have it tacked down on the inside of the doors. I didn't want it to be permanent, just in case down the line I wanted a change.  

It's a fun look that covers the windows well, and it was very reasonable. In fact, it would be cute to use old maps and do parts and pieces backing the windows. 

I love those quick, inexpensive projects that make a big statement. And on to the next...


  1. Love it! At least till you're ready for an art-glass window!
    Love, SW